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Placement & Training Activities



To provide quality education in science and Technology to nurture our students to develop professional competencies with human values.


  • Adopt student oriented education to teach the fundamentals of science necessary for engineering values.
  • Nurture and train students to develop identifying, formulating and analyzing engineering problems.
  • Create an ambiance to encourage the qualities of professional competencies, such as accountability, ethics, common skills and lifelong learning.


In order to foster the needfulness of science & engineering, the department of chemistry at AITM Belagavi was established in the year 2009 with the aim & vision to focus on overall technical up gradation in terms of knowledge & skills of the prospering and aspiring young minds. Engineering chemistry (BE) enlightens about its possible applications in the multidisciplinary aspects like Material Chemistry, Nano Chemistry, Nano Electronics, Bio-nano material, 4D Shaped Nano-Materials. Department of chemistry AITM Belagavi has a recognized research center (Approved by VTU) for skill-enhancing BE undergraduate students by engaging them in activities such as student exchange program, out focus on multidisciplinary research activities, and presentations at national & international conferences. Also provides opportunities to register for PhD programs for experienced & qualified researchers.

Dr. Vinayak Adimule
HOD, Chemistry


  1. Recognized research center provides ample opportunities to receive an award of PhD in the field of Material Chemistry, Nano Electronics, and Medicinal Chemistry for experienced & qualified researchers.
  2. Young ignited minds (students & any faculties) can also Aviles interesting domin applications oriented skills development program under umbrella of recognized bodies of MSME (Govt, of India) & K-tech (Govt. of Karnataka)
  3. Undergraduate BE students can also actively participate in National & International conference Symposium, workshops, in trim internship programs with the help of highly qualified faculties in the department.


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